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Minecraft PE Crafting Dead Mod

Download the Minecraft PE Crafting Dead MOD on your Android devices. To play the MCPE Crafting Dead mod on an Android device, simply download the mod for free via a direct link. An easy installation guide is provided to ensure a smooth setup. The mod version of the game can be accessed through the Xbox Live server for added convenience. Enjoy its features by playing it on your Android mobile phone.

App NameMinecraft Pocket Edition
Mod VersionCrafting Dead
File Size2.2 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
AuthorJohn Davis

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What’s New in Minecraft PE Crafting Dead Mod

The MCPE game world is filled with hostile creatures, but they can be easily defeated by the player. This may lead to the game becoming monotonous. To make survival more thrilling, the Crafting Dead mod is a great option. It adds a variety of new and exciting elements to the game. One key feature of the Crafting Dead mod is the introduction of new mobs in Minecraft PE. These include three types of humanoids: walkers, bandits, and survivors.

How to Install Minecraft PE Crafting Dead Mod On Android

  1. Download a File Manager from the Google Play Store.
  2. Get the Crafting Dead Mod by following the link provided.
  3. Launch the file manager app on your mobile.
  4. Access the Downloads folder and Find the CraftingDead.mcaddon file in the folder.
  5. Long press the .mcaddon file, then select “Open with.”
  6. Pick the Minecraft app from the list of applications.
  7. The Minecraft game will launch automatically with the mod installed. Have fun playing!

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