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Minecraft PE Block Hunt Map

Download the Block Hunt map for Minecraft PE on Android for free. Play the game on your Android phone after downloading it, accessing it via the Xbox Live server for convenient access. You can enjoy it by downloading and playing it on your Android phone. The installation process is made simple with a clear step-by-step guide. Simply download the map through a direct link and begin playing on your Android device with ease.

App NameMinecraft Pocket Edition
Map NameBlock Hunt
File Size68.4 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
AuthorJohn Davis

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What’s New in Minecraft PE Block Hunt Map

The MCPE Block Hunt map introduces new abilities that are crucial for the updated gameplay. Players can either be hiding from ruthless hunters or playing as the hunters themselves. At the start, players are divided into two teams: the hiders and the seekers. The seekers start later since the hiders have to hide first. All players are now blocks, making it harder for the hunters to spot them & the hiders are unable to fight back and can only run.

The “Block Hunt” map in MCPE has two different variations, “Original Block Hunt” and “FS Treasure Hunt”.

How to Install MCPE Block Hunt Map On Android

  1. Download a File Manager from the Google Play Store.
  2. Get the Block Hunt Map by following the link provided.
  3. Launch the file manager app on your mobile.
  4. Access the Downloads folder and locate the zip file to extract it.
  5. Now, Go to the extracted folder and choose whichever map you want to play.
  6. Find the .mcworld file in the extracted folder.
  7. Long press the .mcworld file, then select “Open with.”
  8. Pick the Minecraft app from the list of applications.
  9. The Minecraft game will launch automatically with the map world installed. Have fun playing!

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