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Minecraft PE Airplane Mod

Download Minecraft PE Airplane MOD and experience the excitement of flying with this, which is available for free on Android devices. To play the mod version of the game, simply download it via the direct link and follow the easy installation guide. Additionally, you can access the game through the Xbox Live server for added convenience. Download the mod now and start playing on your Android mobile phone!

App NameMinecraft Pocket Edition
Mod VersionAirplane
File Size486 KB
Operating SystemAndroid
AuthorJohn Davis

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What’s New in Minecraft PE Airplane Mod

Minecraft PE is limited in terms of vehicles and transportation options, with only minecarts, horses, and boats available. Minecarts require a whole railway system to be built and are limited to rails. Boats can only move in water, and horses have varying speeds and strengths. The elytra allow players to glide in the air, but it doesn’t provide proper air transportation. The Airplane Mod aims to address these limitations by introducing new planes and helicopters, allowing players to travel great distances without having to touch land.

How to Install Minecraft PE Airplane Mod On Android

  1. Obtain a file manager from the Google Play Store
  2. Find the Airplane Mod by following a provided link
  3. Launch the file manager on your mobile device
  4. Navigate to the Downloads folder and extract the zip file
  5. Go to the extracted folder, locate the Airplane.mcpack file
  6. Press and hold the .mcpack file and select “Open with”
  7. Choose the Minecraft app from the list of options
  8. The Minecraft game will start with the mod installed and ready to play. Enjoy!

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